Constants and Variables

I'm Josh, 21, England, got myself 2 lovely big tattoos on my arms, admire the Picasso like canvas that is me!

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i am 100% for women responding very rudely and aggressively to disgusting unsolicited messages or dick pics from men on the internet

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I’m a little too fond of this pipe, just need a top hat and a monocle.

So me and my best mates decided to play some games, cus it’s an original idea for the hot new website ‘youtube’, go check it out, it’s awful!

Holy shit might be able to move to Canada way earlier than expected, fuck yeah!

militaryboss asked: Why you move to Canada

Because I have an incredible distaste for the UK and have always wanted to live elsewhere, Canada feels like the perfect place for a new adventure!


The new Goddess of Thunder by Esad Ribic (I assume)

Yamagishi Ryoko
my scans

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